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Tepta Aydınlatma San. ve Tic. A.Ş

Tepta Aydınlatma San. ve Tic. A.Ş

بخش : تکنولوژیهای مدرن / تکنولوژی های مدرن
مسئول شرکت : Tuncay Danacioglu
  نشانی : Nispetiye Mah. Aytar Cad. No:24 K:1-2-3 / 1.Levent
      istanbul - Turkey
  شماره تلفن : +90 212 279 29 03
  فکس : +90 212 279 29 04
  آدرس ایمیل : info@tepta.com
  وب سایت : www.tepta.com/
Tepta founded in 1991, has been giving a lighting service to architects, electrical engineering companies and contractors and finally to end-users. This service starts from lighting project design, continues with the main activity i.e. selling lighting fixtures, supervision during installation and ends with after sale and control activities.

The scope of lighting activity include both internal and external architectural lighting of historical monuments, shops, offices, museums and private residences.

In order to achieve this, Tepta is the sole agent and distributor in Turkey of iGuzzini – Italy since 25 years and the other various companies appearing in our website. Some of these companies are in technical lighting and some are decorative hence most of the time being complementary to Tepta’s lighting activities.

In addition to this, whenever an architect requests a custom made fixture for a project, Tepta satisfies this need by making it produced either in Turkey or thus the various companies that it represents in Turkey. Hence the goal of Tepta is to fullfill the lighting of a project as a whole. As this point is crucial in projects in Turkey, whenever a brand is specified that is not in the portfolio of Tepta and the buyer wants to buy all from one company. Tepta acts as intermediary buyer to fill this gap.

The activities of Tepta also go beyond Turkey, to countries where Turkish contractors and architects are active. Again a package lighting solution is offered in Russia and Turkish Republics of old Russia, Romania, Algeria, Libya and many countries in the Arabic peninsula.

The representative companies and references can be seen on our website.
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