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Aysuda Food Industrial Group

Aysuda Food Industrial Group

Sector : Food and Drink Industry / Food and Drink industry iran
Company Officer : Export
  Address : Shokouh Shad Shanjan Manufacturing Company 2nd Km of Shanjan Road., Shabestar City, East Azerbaijan Province , Iran
      Shabestar - iran
  Phone Number : (+98)471-2222988 (5 lines)
  Fax : (+98)471-2224422
  E-Mail adrress : info@aysuda.com
  Web Site : www.en.aysuda.com/
  Tavakolie’s brothers have begun their activity in the field of cookies, chocolate and ice-cream production since 1975.They have continued their experiences as Shokouh Shad Shanjan company since 1993.

Trade mark of it’s production is called Aysuda which in Azari means “picture of the moon in the water”.

At the beginning, this company just produced chocolate, but during the years many other products were added to the production line like many types of cakes, cookies, cracker sticks, peppermint and many kinds of powder (jelly, chocolate milk ,...) According to the automation and permanent attention to the system of the production.

In the production system which lead to the rapid growth in quality and quantity of the products, this company was succeeded to be chosen as the best productive unit in East Azarbijan state by the Ministry of Industry and mines during1998,1999 and also in years of 2002. Along with the aims of the company for utilizing skilled labor force, it was chosen as the best firm creating job opportunity by the ministry of labor and social security In years 2002, And it was chosen as the best qualified company for receiving golden trophy by the fifteenth Conference of BID in England in 2003 and in sixteenth Conference of it in 2004 in U.S.A and it’s trade mark, Aysuda, was known as the best international trade mark by the Spanish trade leaders club. Shokouh Shad Shanjan Co. began expanding the scope of its activities in year 2003 by taking possession of a distribution system and is continuing its work by participating in other production companies. And improving the quality and quantity of productions in international markets, this company is also known as one of the most successful firms in our country.
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