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Tavangaran Sahand Industrial Group

Tavangaran Sahand Industrial Group

Sector : Holding Company / Holding Company iran
Company Officer : Eng.Muhammed Nasiri
  Address : Tavangaran Sahand co. Bonyan diesel Tabriz Manufacture Sardaroud Road
      Tabriz - Iran
  Phone Number : 0098 411 448 2130-45 Line
  Fax : 0098 411 448 2127
  E-Mail adrress : info@ts-ig.com
  Web Site : www.ts-ig.com
  About Us


Tavangaran Sahand Industrial Group (GFT company holding) was founded in 2010 to serve the steel industry of GFT Company as a supplier of row material, namely the Iron ore.

Tavangaran Sahand covers a wide range of activities from exploration, extraction, processing and gradation of Iron Ore.

Presently Tavangaran Sahand is a large iron ore producer in the north west of iran. Fourther more, providing technical and engineering services, exploring, extracting , operating mines, processing mineral, Mineral commercial and Export of decorative stones are the other activities of the company.

The main activities of TSIG:


1.The use of satellite imagery
2.Geophysics (magnetic)
3.Borehole drilling
Design and development of mining equipment

1.design and development of mining equipment of iron mines in the north west of Iran (as Skandian’s iron mine, Dashaghul’s iron mine, buket’s lime mine).

1.Exploitation of Skandian’s iron mine.
2.Exploitation of Dashaghul’s iron mine.
3.Exploitation of Buket’s lime mine.
Mineral processing

1.Gradation and high quality processing the minerals of Skandian’s magnetite iron mine.
2.Gradation and high quality processing the minerals of Meshkinshahr’s hematite iron mine.
3.Construction of the lime production unit with capacity (400 tons of hydrated lime and baked lime per day).
Mineral commercial

1.Saling Of our company’s products and other mineral comapany’s products.( as iron ore, limestone, hydrated lime,vermiculite,…)
2.Import of mineral products which are needed in dustrial.
3.Export of decorative stones.

Exploration of Dashaghul’s hematite mine

Exploration of Skandian’s magnetite and titan mine

Exploration of Buket’s limestone mine

Exploration of Ahmadabad’s iron mine

Exploration of Sute’s iron mine

Exploration of Gozal bolaq’s iron mine
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